October 4, 2012
Career in your 20’s

When I was in college I interned at a radio station, and a sports television station, and then after graduating I took a full time job at the TV station. I made little money, and worked tons of hours, but I had ability and I worked my way up. I had passion for sports, television and radio. 

Though, I grew restless and I wanted more money and wanted to try other things. I got into sales, in an industry I don’t really like. I have been in and out of it now for 15 years because I have been accustomed to a lifestyle I don’t want to change.

Had I stayed in radio and television I would be very successful right now. 

If you are in your 20’s and you are passionate about your work stick with it. You will know when to leave if you have to. 

In your 20’s you have time. You don’t have to have all the fancy stuff in life, you can just focus on your career. 

If you are struggling but love your work let it unfold before you give up. 

You may see your friends moving up or getting promotions or making more money but don’t waver. Money will never make your happier, it can make life easier but it won’t make you markedly happier. Studies have proven this over and over again. More money does really mean more problems. The more you acquire the more stuff you have to manage and pay for. 

Heck if you don’t have a career or passion for something get a job to pay the bills and save so you can travel. My greatest life experiences have come from traveling. There is so much to see and learn from the world.

Books and a classroom can never replicate getting out in the the world.

Breathe, relax, be happy you are living. 

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